Five Misconception About SEO

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In a search engine SEO is the process of effecting visibility of a website or a web page. Which is natural and unpaid. The is a way to focus on increasing organic and natural traffic that is received by ranking within the search engine. Targeting different kinds of search like image, news, videos. Search engine is moving target now e days. In the level of nuance SEO created a perfect storm for misunderstanding and ministration. In past several years a number of misconceptions have came into being about SEO.

Search engine optimization is all about keywords and links. It is noted that marketers spend much time and energy on link building. Indeed links help pages rank but it can be more better to concentrate on making the sort of content that gets shared than finding places to plant links. Most of the people are suppose to find content through social media, so optimizing the content for social shares is also wrathful. Instead of focusing on keyword that brought visitors to site there should be focused on the content.
keywords and links

Google’s development over the last five years that spam and  manipulation no longer work as SEO tactics. There are some crucial skills included, on top of them, there should be understanding how search engines operate instead of training in any black arts to get success at SEO and enhance search ranking.

Only quality is wrathful instead of quantity in SEO. Like Google give quality over the quality. There is no need of hundreds and thousands pf back links of low quality websites but only getting few quality back links does the rest.  So old quantity rules should no more there.

Black hat SEO works, it’s automated and cheap. Good Search engine optimization cannot be automated or cheap and should try to find flaws in Google to get better ranking in Google. Until some years ago. These tactics could be effective and function with relative high degree of automation. However Google began to have unfavorable position for these kind of practices.

Websites have trusted status are often different from who have in actual. Infect SEO have commented on “double standard” which is exist with big brand. There is duplicate content and few suspicious are overlooked in hundred of links from high quality. These above mentioned are common seo misconceptions and keeping those in mind may add the greatest value to our journey of search engine optimizing.

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