Warid 4G LTE Mobile Internet in Pakistan

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What is 4G LTE
LTE stands for Long Term Evolution technology which has higher data transfer speed than any other technology in world of mobile internet. 

Why Warid 4G LTE is better
Warid 4G LTE is better because of its speed is excellent and data transfer rate is also good than any other. Warid took long time to launch its fast mobile service in Pakistan and did not take part in bid for 3G & 4G mobile internet service  which was held few months ago by PTA in Islamabad. Many warid customers left the service due to late launching of its high speed internet service but indeed it much awaited and excellent move by Warid because LTE will not only open doors of high speed internet for its customers but also it will take part in progress of telecommunication and information technology in Pakistan. According to Warid you can use 4G LTE if you have 4G LTE sim given by warid which is available at its franchises and handset which has option of 4G LTE in its settings. You have to select any bundles of 4G LTE and then use in any 4G LTE enabled coverage areas across the selected cities in Pakistan but soon it will be available at the mostly cities of Pakistan. Many cellular operators including ufone, zong, Telenor, mobilink are giving their users access to 3G internet and zong is giving access to 4G services but LTE is quite different from 4G and 3G because it has long term battery consumption and highest speed feature provided by any telecom operators in Pakistan.
mobile internet in Pakistan

Warid telecom called launch of 4G LTE in Pakistan as its big milestone in progress of telecom industry of Pakistan and step towards technological progress in Pakistan. People of Pakistan can use this fast mobile internet service to stream live music and videos, download internet, watch news and dramas and everything they want to do on internet. It is also interesting to know that it is faster than broadband services in Pakistan and warid telecom has spent millions of dollars upon establishing infrastructure of 4G LTE in Islamic republic of Pakistan. telecommunication experts have given prediction that warid will once again take back its former customers and also prevail over other mobile internet providers in Pakistan due to successful launching, after so much delay and time.

I will give you free advice to buy 4G LTE sim from any warid franchise and also 4G LTE handset to use this fast mobile internet service and also put your foot in the world of fast mobile internet which was dream for many Pakistanis before launching by warid telecom. its mobile internet bundles are very cheap and available at the rates of 3G MOBILE BUNDLES OF OTHER CELLULAR OPERATORS of Pakistan. warid will soon extend its 4G LTE service in other areas of Pakistan and also planning to provide this service in remote areas of Pakistan

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  1. It is Awsome article and warid is also number 1 Telecom Compnay in Pakistan

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