Payoneer is Not Useful With PayPal in Pakistan

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In Pakistan , All the bloggers were using payoneer master card to send and receive money by PayPal on internet  because PayPal is not supported in Pakistan and people order Payoneer Master Card and then connect their card with PayPal to avail its  services in Pakistan because PayPal is world number one online payment processor. PayPal was monitoring all the activities and IP Addresses of all the computers which were sending and receiving money in Pakistan through Payoneer Master Card in all unsupported countries. Firstly PayPal  implement limitations on all the accounts which were using proxy servers to make PayPal foul but afterwards PayPal removed all the accounts which were connected with Payoneer Master Card because according to PayPal only people having Payoneer Master Card were able to avail services of PayPal by sitting in unsupported countries which was against the policy of PayPal.

Alternative of PayPal
It is quite interesting to know that there is no way in Pakistan to send and receive money from PayPal by sitting in Pakistan due to strict monitoring laws of government of Pakistan and United states of America to counter terrorism.
withdraw money

You can send and receive money by connecting your Bank account with Payza former Alertpay because many companies and websites on internet give option of Payza to receive money on is also very popular and secure online money processor on internet and thousands of people in Pakistan send and receive money on internet by Payza because it is legitimate and easy to use in Pakistan. You can request all your money in Payza account to your local bank account without any rocket science by just following simple steps.

You can also send and receive money on internet form Pakistan by skrill because it is also very famous online money processor because thousands of Pakistanis working with can receive their funds through skrill into their local bank account by international wire transfer. It is very costly and expensive to receive money through skrill due to huge fee deductions but it is secure and legitimate way to send and receive money on internet

I will strongly prefer to not use Payoneer MasterCard anymore for PayPal only because PayPal is squeezing all the funds in accounts connected with Payoneer Master Card known as US Payment Service. You can shop online with Payoneer Master Card on internet and buy things and also receive funds into US Account number of Bank of America provided by Payoneer. You can receive your odesk money directly into your Payoneer Account and then withdraw at local Master Card ATM’s in is complete scenario which is very alarming for bloggers in Pakistan because without Access to PayPal it is very difficult on internet to make money online because you can with draw your ten cents through PayPal but cannot through any other online payment processor but hopeful that situation will change soon and circumstances will be once again favorable for Pakistani Bloggers.

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