Top 5 Careers To Choose In 2014

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Adopting a career or profession is very difficult  in 2014 but important decision of life. There are hundred plus career oriented professions in world and it is not easy to choose exact profession according to one’s own capabilities. It is very important for person who wants to use his life for career oriented purpose but choosing career is systematic instead of accidental or immediate process. I have made out list of five top careers of 2014 on basis of job opportunities, unemployment, salary and professional demand of various professions across the world.

1: Dentist
Becoming Dentist is not easy but it is top profession in my list due to least unemployment and job opportunities. Dentist is white collar job with well established office and maximum demand in market. If you want to choose profession of highest earning in 2014 in this world in all countries comparing with all professions so deliberately well established and socially accepted profession.

2: Registered Nurse
There is lot of difference between medical and paramedical staff but keeping out registered nursing in number two in this list is quite absurd but it is completely based on fact and minimum unemployment ratio of just 2.7% after Dentist. Registered nursing is very different from conventional nursing because it gets you jobs in public sector per hour pay rate is very high as compared to other professions. Home nursing , specially hired nursing is very important profession but it must not be taken easy to socially unacceptability in developing and underdeveloped countries and domestic problems in narrow minded society.
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3: Pharmacist
Becoming pharmacist  was dream for my friend but he couldn't achieve his professional goal due to low marks in high school but it is third in my list only due to vast job opportunities with few exceptions countries. 78,000 per year jobs are produced in pharmaceutical sector only in United States. Unemployment ratio is only 3.2% but becoming pharmacist requires an dedication based studies and professional Excellency in future. I will say “If I would be a pharmacist I would have at least thousand dollars in my pocket at every time in 2014”.

4:  Computer Systems Analyst
Computer systems analyst is home based job due to its requirement of getting out practical knowledge about computer system and computer software only instead of getting out degrees but if you have degree in your hand it would add extra points to you. It is quite exaggeration to say that BILL GATES was computer system analyst at Harvard University and he changed the fate of whole world. This career would have highest opportunities of 7, 12,000 in US and whole world with unemployment ratio of 4.0% and I will finally say “skills only matter everywhere and in this job skills only matter in 2014”.

5: Physician
Whenever I get sickness due to physical unfitness I consult my physician because he is only person who is responsible for my fitness after me. Physician is career which is adopted by person after completing degree or high school diploma in physical therapy. It is number five in my list only due to wide range of job opportunities but mainly due to high salary range because many rich people hire personal physicians on high wages. This is career which is completely based on your own skills and physical fitness in 2014.

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