Why Google Plus Is Better Than Facebook

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Google plus and Facebook are two top social networking giants with uncountable fans and billions of users. It is not easy two differentiate between them based on features & popularity because both two have different type of social media users and agenda. Facebook seems to capture all common internet users but G+ considered as focused based user capturing social media website but it has many advantages over Facebook due to advanced features and user experience.

1.     Google Plus Authorship
It enables all users to connect their + ID to Blogger account and authorship to their posts. This Feature is only available on +, very popular feature due to fact that all posts published by user with linked G+ ID have his photo, and name appeared on organic search of Google search engine. This feature makes Google and popular and better than Facebook for Bloggers and Authors which seems to be erupted by plus as very comprehensive step of towards popularity.

2.     Google Plus Business Page
Now the + pages are very popular for all local business owners because it gives them an effective presence on internet without any website & blog by simply creating + business page in few simple steps. This Business page also enables them to market easily their products because all posts of Google plus business page often appears in organic search results along with free listing in Google local business pages. This feature is not available in Facebook & many online business owners love + as compared to Facebook for possessing such a comprehensive and tremendous feature and facility freely available for all G+ users.

3.     Organize Your Favorite Social Circles
G+ is here to give you facility to organize your social circles according to your choice and interest which is not available on Facebook. You can make circles of your friends, family, profession & deal them separately according to your choice which is an professional social media facility provided by G+ which distinguish G+  from Facebook as Facebook has not provided such single feature to its users till 2014 and Google plus is providing this for many years without hesitation and interruption but in the mode of user friendly social media website.

4.     Visibility of Google Plus Posts In Organic Search
G+ provides facility in the form of very comprehensive social media website feature to freely list posts published by its users in organic search which is not provided by Facebook & other websites to any extent. Google plus marked new flags of success providing very effective social media features by introducing this feature for its users that now can find their own content on search engine results by just publishing it on their Google plus ID.

5.     No Ads
Go+ does not support any sponsored ads providing its users with an ad free services of social media but Facebook depends mainly on publishers for its revenue. Google plus is just aiming on quality which differentiates it from other websites and adds to its popularity makes it better exclusively than Facebook.

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