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There has been revolution brought up in online selling industry by the social media. Social media is now key player in the online selling past few years, it was mandatory for me to contact the selling agents to buy or sell something and I was subjected to personally visit the shop but now I just have to create a page on Facebook and give an ad of selling something. I gave an ad few days ago on Facebook to sell my smartphone and after few days person from New York texted me on Facebook and after negotiation I sold my smartphone on reasonable price by using social media. But many questions arises regarding the buying trends and engagement of social media in this process. There are many advantages of using social media for selling online but there is also a prospective of buying trends. You have to do some things in order to successfully use social media for selling things online.

Make More Friends
If you want to use social media for selling then you should make friends and have huge network and circle of friends. You should share the pics and videos of your brands with your friends and should tell them the specifications of your selling product to effectively use the social media for selling things online. If am resident of California and my Facebook friends lives in Colorado then I should tell him about my webcam which I want to sell online using social media engagement.
Sell Products Online

Monitor Activities of People
The basic thing that should be done to sell products online using social media engagement is to monitor the buying trends and you should have a sharp eye on the news feed of your friends. You should know the activities of your friend and people on the social media to know their choices and buying trends on social media.

Help People in Solving Their Problems
Social media is all about to interact and communicate people and this is major purpose of social media engagement. You should know the problems of people online and help them to solve their problems because in this way people will have close eye on your products and they will feel comfortable to buy your things. Interaction with people is the major subject of online social media engagement because more people you know, more people are your friends then you have more customers on social media.

Ask People For Sale
The last thing to do in social media online marketing is to ask people for sale. When you have tracked the buying trends of online social media engagement  and you want to finally sell your product then you should have to tell people about your intimation to sell product. You should tell your online friend that you want to sell that item. You can do this by creating page of selling things online or posting via your news feed or post on your friend’s timeline. People will only know about your product and they will get ready to buy it when you will ask them to buy or you will tell them about your product. This is all about the usage of social media to actively sell things in the global world of 21st century where all world’s products and businesses have access to the smartphones and social media and they are in the hand of every consumer of this globalized world.

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  1. great media works better in this way

  2. How can we sale our products??? Kindly tell me

    1. Angel, yes you can sale your product by creating fb page,


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