Prime Minister Employment Scheme For Self Employment

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Prime minister of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Sharif announced Employment Scheme For Self Employment  generation program for youth, which includes six schemes.

1.      Prime minister’s Qarz-e-Hasna scheme
2.      Prime minister’s small business loans scheme
3.      Prime minister’s youth training scheme
4.      Prime minister’s provision of laptops for youth scheme
5.      Prime minister’s reimbursement of fee of students scheme
6.      Prime minister’s youth skills development scheme

These schemes brought up by prime minister to empower youth and all six schemes are unique in their benefits for youth of Pakistan. Pakistan has 90 million youth that are almost 55% of total population of Pakistan and government has taken great step for self-employment of youth of Pakistan. Jobs and better educational structure are major problems of Pakistan youth.

1.      Prime minister’s Qarz-e-Hasna scheme
Government announced to give Rs 3.5 Billion to unemployed skilled people of Pakistan that are from under developed areas and have poverty score less than 40%. Government planned to increase the industrial human consumption from 3.5 million to 5 million in next five years. Borrowers will have to return loans in several years after utilizing it for community skills and welfare programs. Main purpose of program is to make people capable of doing some skillful work and then return the government of Pakistan.

2.      Prime minister’s small business loans scheme
This scheme of prime minster called as scheme for youth entrepreneurs because it enables students and youth to turn their skills into businesses with the help of small loans provided by government of Pakistan on easy return conditions. Applicants must have to share their business idea with government and debt interest rate is 10% with tenure of return of 7 years. Government of Pakistan with 50% by participating private banks and 50% government of Pakistan will provide one-lac loans. 50% of loans will go to women borrowers with average loan size of 1.5 million.

Pakistan youth program

3.      Prime minister’s youth training scheme
Youth training scheme is announced by government to provide educated youth with internships in public and private firms. Applicants must have age of 25 years or less with 16 years of education by HEC approved educational universities. RS 10 thousand for 12 months will be provided to internship students with one-lac internships all around the Pakistan. 

4.      Prime minister’s provision of laptops for youth scheme
Government of Pakistan aimed to distribute laptops among students of colleges and universities across all Pakistan. Laptops will be provided to student with 60% marks in annual examination system and 2.7 CGPA in semester system. One lac laptops will be distributed among students of HEC approved universities and colleges of government sector. Cost of one laptop approximated at RS:-40,000.

5.      Prime minister’s youth skills development scheme
Government of Pakistan is aiming to provide productive skills training to unemployed youth of Pakistan through this scheme. 25000 trainees will be selected across the Pakistan to be awarded 800 million totals by government of Pakistan. Government has planned to award 3,000 rupees per month for selected youth persons. TEVTA will provide training to selected people for six months both in Pakistan and abroad.

6.      Prime minister’s reimbursement of fee of students’ scheme
Government issued this scheme to support studies of students from less developed areas with poverty background. RS:- 40,000 is planned by government to provide to 30,000 students. Students from areas of Baluchistan, rural Sindh, southern Punjab less developed districts(Rajanpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Bhakar, Layyah), Azad Jammu and Kashmir, FATA, PATA, GilgitBaltistan, KPK(Malakand, Kohistan, DI khan) are encouraged to apply for this scheme.

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