Youtube is Coming to Pakistan

Posted by Sohail Khatri  |  at  11:59 PM No comments is Coming to Pakistan some officers of Pakistan telecommunication authority have claimed that YouTube is going to launch his subdomain in Pakistan soon. These sources also told us that ministry of information technology and PTA working on joint draft to give legal status and indemnity to YouTube for launching its subdomain. The website is inaccessible for more than one year. The government has demanded to remove blasphemy content from its website but Google has refused to do so due to its consumer liberty and freedom of information policies. During high-level meeting in New York and then Dubai between Pakistani and Google owned YouTube representatives about reinstating and opening. YouTube has removed blasphemy American film in some Muslim countries on request of governments of Saudi Arabia, Egypt,  Libya, and Iraq by allocating them special subdomain for their countries but in Pakistan YouTube is demanding legal protection under PTA ordinance because telecommunication law of state that any foreign company which is seeking to launch its subdomain in country by using servers of Pakistan telecommunication authority must get NOC from PTA.
youtube unbanned

PTA new chairman dr. Ismail shah told journalists that they are working on draft to legalize some domain. Certificate of no objection can given only when PTA ordinance is amended by parliament. Minister of information technology anosha rehman told media few days ago that  website will be opened soon but he refused to give dead line. The information technology standing committees of house of senate also have directed  government to open you tube. The was blocked one year ago on executive order of prime minister raja Pervez Ashraf order after release of hatred and blasphemy film in United States. Lahore high court also had order government to block access to YouTube. 

Former Interior minister  rehman malik had open few months ago but it was again blocked on pressure of religious clerics of country and media. YouTube is educational and informational tool for students which use it for research and also medium of entertainment for home users but now Pakistani people are confident that this site will be opened soon. There are also some technical hurdles for launching subdomain of, which is demand to give it legal indemnity first but government, and officials of ministry of information technology officials are demanding to remove blasphemy content first and also approval of draft is required from both national assembly and senate to launch in Pakistan. com .pk will be customized Pakistani domain and Pakistani government will have privilege to remove some disputed content from website. In recent years website has removed thousands of videos from its website on request of American national security agency officials but internet users of Pakistan are desperately waiting for in Pakistan.

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