Top Affiliate Revenue Sharing Websites

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Affiliate revenue sharing websites are those websites, which share their affiliate program revenue earned from advertisers with referrers. There are thousands of affiliate revenue sharing websites on internet but it is quite difficult to select passive websites, which really pay to referrers but it is judged on feedback and reviews received by users of these websites. Affiliate revenue sharing websites are good source of online earning and it pays handsome money to referrers. We listed some best-reviewed websites, which are huge source of earning for referrers.

Infobarrel is top affiliate revenue sharing website of world because they share 75% of revenue with their writers. They require to write ten articles first, which reviewed by them and after approval they share 90% of their affiliate revenue with writers. One can make great amount of money by writing quality content for this website. They have affiliate programs Google AdSense, chitika and amazon associates. They pay lot of money but they require quality content from writer, which should be original. They share 2% of affiliate revenue with the referrers also. We received good feedback and reviews for this website due to its credibility and opportunity for writers to earn good money.

Wizzley is also an affiliate revenue sharing website, which share 50% to 60% with the writer. They require writer to write ten articles firstly for moderator if moderator give approval of these articles then they give automatic publishing tab to writers. They pay within time and their minimum pay out is 10 dollars. They share 10% of revenue with referrers. They have variety of affiliate programs for writers including amazon associates, Google Adsense, zazzle, allposeters and viglink. They have highest number of affiliate programs associated with this website. They share 60% of affiliate revenue with writer when hundred articles of writer published on their website. They pay through paypal and writers can make lot of money from this website.

seekyT is also one of top affiliate revenue sharing website which share 70% of their affiliate revenue with writers. They also offer great opportunities to writer to earn money by giving some exclusive offers in specific period. First three articles of writer moderated and reviewed before giving automatic publishing capability to writer. They give ad replacement capability for each unique article, which helps writer to earn more money because in this way, thousands of visitors visit your article and your rate of earning money at this websites becomes high. They also have many affiliate programs affiliated with their website including Google Adsense, chitika, and Amazon affiliates. They pay through paypal and they pay instantly to writer when writer requested money from his account. They also offer 25% of income to those members who referred members to this website, which is highest paid rate for referrers on any affiliate revenue sharing website.

Hubpages is world best content writing website, which has affiliate revenue sharing system to earn money. Hubpages has strict editorial restrictions because they allow quality content to publish on their website. Moderator to publish on website approves each article. They have Google AdSense and amazon affiliates as affiliating programs. They share 70% of revenue with writer but they require writer to write high quality content to published and earn money from their website.

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