Zong Circle Vs Ufone Uth Pack

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In this article we are going to compare Zong Circle vs Ufone Uth Pack service war, I want to make the bond of friendship as strong as it was never before. I cannot let you people to miss your most interesting moment s of life by the problem or disturbance of any balance or package. that is why I have come with new exciting packages and bundles. So don’t miss it and utilize this offer I will do my best to maintain your requirements. 

Ufone wants to prove something: I am going to make you people cool by offering some spicy stuff. Isn't it awesome. By this you can enjoy the colors of life. No other network offers you such an attractive packages as I help you a lot in saving your pocket money. Be super cool in front of your friends and have some attitude. I just want my users to be free of any type of stress and conflict.
                         Zong circle                        SIMILARITIES                      Ufone uth pack
1)Circle mobile music channel offers you to download music or have some personal radio, favourite track etc.
1)music station does almost the same job which circle mobile music channel is doing.
2)Musicall allows you to have a background music during your call.
2)Background music adds some enjoyable music during your boring call.
3)Informs you with your result ,date sheet and help students in studies.
3)In student club you can get your date sheet , result and some aid related to studies.
4)In circle job alert portal you are informed with new jobs.
4)U job portal let you to enjoy your dream job by sending you alerts of them.

Ufone Zong
1)Manchester United services gives you cool stuff, video, wall papers and official ring tones.
1)There is no specific offer on this package for this kind of stuff.
2)Circle directory offers you the search service.
2)No search service available on this package.
3)Comedy portal is for making someone in a good mood as you can share funny jokes and Pakistan’s top comedies. 
3)This type of service is not specified for uth package.
4)Does Zong offers any discount on outlets.NO
4)Discounts available at 300+ outlet all across Pakistan and growing.
5)You have not any double number system in this pack
5)Double number is new and interesting service in which you can have two numbers in one sim. So choose your friends for two numbers.
6)collect call option is not available.
6)In collect call you can call any party even when your balance has finished. The party you are calling will pay for it.
7)Does zong provides you with missed call notification. Absolutely no.
7)Missed call notification ,you will be aware of every missed call even when your mobile is switched off.
8)By circle bundle you can enjoy full time internet with 4MB mobile internet for RS 3.99 only.
8)By My email offer you check your mails without any internet and GPRS.
9)Thaka-Thak SMS bundle provides you 500 sms for RS 2.5+tax.
9)In SMS buddy send messages for 30 days at RS 30+tax.
10)Keeps your friend’s privacy by not offering any service in finding your friend’s location.
10)U-Track buddy finds exactly where your friend is.
11)Do you get any reminder call. Np.
11)U-Reminder sends reminder call so you will never miss any important occasion.
RATES ZONG is cheaper than UFONE UTH PACK as uth pack has put much taxes on its services discount is comfort for people but not so much .It is a kind of new offer but overall you will get as cheaper service. 

PEOPLE'S VIEWS Mostly people complaint for the signals of zong. But they are happy with its cheep rates. Ufone signals are much stronger but they are giving much gap in rates. My opinion goes with ZONG because in the time of price hiking in Pakistan you will be satisfied by its rates and services.

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