Interactive Webcasts And Multimedia Interactive

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Here some data Knowing about Interactive Webcasts And Multimedia Interactive.
Interactive Webcasts
The term "Web casting" is used to describe the ability to use the Web to deliver live or delayed versions of sound or video broadcasts. It is a broadcast that is delivered over the Internet. Participants can view and hear streaming media, and they can participate in real-time online chats. Web casting streaming video has been around for a while, but news sites are just beginning to combine various interactive tools with the Webcasts into packages. Adding links to related stories, chats, polls that are referred to in the Webcasts create a very different experience than just watching TV. More advanced versions use technologies such as Flash and SMIL to embed instructions within the video so that text, links, etc., can be called up at certain points in the video. During the 2000 presidential debates, for example, users could watch the debate on their computer and on the same screen see a “Debate Monitor” panel that was continuously updated with facts related to the statements each candidate made, as they made them.
Multimedia Interactive
Many online journalism elements and stories combine multiple forms, creating, in effect, new, hybrid forms. The most complicated of these use Flash's animation technology to integrate text, click able graphics, audio, photos, video -- and sometimes even polls or quizzes -- to create comprehensive interactive packages that tell stories in ways no other medium can.

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