How To Desgn E-Business Web Site Tips And Tricks

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Here Some Tips And Tricks To Desgn E-Business Web Site. An E-Business Web Site should devise right combination of marketing strategy to lure visitors in different behavioral modes to become its customers.

Choosing a Domain Name
Choosing a suitable domain name is the first thing to be considered at the start of an online business. Due to the worldwide nature of the web, choose a domain name that people coming form different countries/cultures will be able to recognize, remember and type easily.

Marketing Research
It consists of interviews, paper and phone surveys, questionnaires, findings based on previous investigations etc. to find strengths and weaknesses of your business and the business of your competitors. It also includes the analysis of opportunities and threats to your business. In case of e-businesses, marketers have a faster option to find/analyze information about the industry, customers or competitors, because the information is just a few clicks away. This kind of marketing research can be extremely beneficial for the success of an ebusiness.

Web design
Basically, the only interaction of an e-business with its customers is through the web site. So, a good web design is another very important factor for the success of an e-business. Note that in online environment the competitors of an e-business are just a few clicks away, so if your web site design is not catchy or useful enough the visitors might not wait and immediately switch to a competitor’s site. The cost of switching to competitors site is also very low in online environment. All this makes e-commerce very competitive. An internet marketer should particularly pay attention to the following considerations as regards web site design: 

Tips And Tricks
Easy site navigation – give a site map
Frequently asked questions (FAQs) section
Conveniently located contact information
Multimedia – use streaming video and audio – be aware the time each element takes to get loaded
Privacy policy – outline the policy about intended use of customers personal details
General outlook of the web site should be attractive making it sticky

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