E-Mail Marketing Cheap And Effective Campaigns

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E-mail marketing campaigns are cheap and effective way to target potential customers. E-mails can instantaneously convey a marketing message to customers at distant areas. Personalized direct e-mails target customers with specific information – name, right product at the right time, special promotions etc. When your e-business is doing global marketing, e-mails can be first translated into proper languages as a personalization measure using specific translation software. Personalization technology (data mining) can also improve response rate tremendously. Where an e-business lacks resources for doing e-mail marketing on its own, it can outsource such campaign to outside firms. For instance, outsourcing services should be used when direct e-mailing becomes too difficult to manage and there is inadequate staff or technical support at the e-business level itself.

E-mails can be used to improve customer service by adding an e-mail link to your web site by E-mail marketing. Thus, you can receive your customers’ complaints through e-mails. It should be ensured that your e-business is capable of handling expected volume of e-mails; otherwise it can bring poor reputation to your business when you receive complaints through emails but are unable to respond. Another advantage with emails is that they can be automatically sorted and sent to the relevant persons. E-mails can be used to inform customers about their order/shipment status etc. Internet mailing lists can also be conveniently used to send targeted personalized emails. You can also provide the “opt-in e-mail” option to your customers on your web site. If they opt for it, this means that they want to receive through email any product information, offers or promotions etc. in the future of E-mail marketing. Spamming is a term used to refer to mass e-mailing to customers who have not expressed any interest in a specific product or service. In different countries, spamming has been declared as an offence. E-mails can be combined with traditional direct marketing. Telemarketing (live interaction through telephone) and e-mails can be combined to reach prospective customers. Similarly, direct mailing and e-mails can also be combined.

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