What Is The Multimediality

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Multimediality mean the extent to which text, graphics, sound, voice, and (still and moving) images are translated and integrated into a common digital form (Dahlgren, 1996, p. 64). It must be emphasized that multimedia refers to a new media format that results from the convergence and integration of traditional print, audio and video formats.

Internet provides opportunity to the journalists to present non-linear types of storytelling, by using
hypertext and multimedia in innovative ways. One of the important implications of multimedia is that
the online journalist must learn how to work with these different formats. For his writing, the journalist will also need the skills to decide for each story that which part or parts of the story will consist of text
and which part(s) will carry audio and/or visual elements.

The online media professional can use hyperlinks that are either internal or external. Internal links refer to other texts (or sections) within the site, while external links refer to texts or sites located elsewhere on the Internet. Effective use of internal and external hyperlinks is a basic element of good online media production. It enables journalists to refer their readers to all kinds of background or related information, ranging over archival documents, illustrations, primary sources, multiple perspectives on a particular topic, and so on.

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