Top 3 Secrets to make Money in World

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Blogging online can become your major online earning source in Pakistan as has become for many other pakistani. Blogging is like an online notebook where you can share your thoughts, views and ideas about any latest happening event or write something about your aptitude, skills and experience regarding any topic you like. One can easily sign up with a for a free blogger site, choose a blog name and start off writing and then earn money with putting ads on the blog of google adsense , adbrite etc. Google has recently made its registration process bit difficult for which its pre-requisite to own a domain with at least 6 months year old.
But don't consider it as a simple thing. The success highly depends upon the traffic your blog generate.The more people come to your blog, the more you will earn out of blogging. Put original content and update it regularly, you will see your blog ranking up in the search engines.

Affiliate Marketing:
Affiliate marketing means to promote the products of other companies. You do not have to build up an online store or to maintain physical stock by self for selling online. Clickbank is one of such site which has become a major online earning source for many pakistani earners. It's simple job which can pay you a lot if you know the correct use of articles to reach out to customers for product sales.
All you have to do is to refer peoples to affiliate sites and in return you will earn commission out of sales made via your referral. Write a complete review of product while keeping in view the benefits of its users and post it to article submission directories with the link given to you for the product's promotion at the end of article. If you have flair at writing or marketing methods, learn ways to make make money  on the internet with affiliate marketing.

Hotfile is a paid to upload site with which I myself have earned much money .Its simple to earn with hotfile .You upload files that people are seeking to  get online.When peoples download your files , money is directly credited to your account depending upon the file size and hotfile rank. File size larger than 100 MB and platinum rank earn you more money out of the paid to upload site-hotfile. As soon as your account exceeds 15$ , money gets transferred to the payment mode you have selected which signing up with hotfile .

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