What is The Parallel Form Reliability

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Parallel Form Reliability know When responses on two comparable sets of measures tapping the same construct are highly correlated, we have parallel-form reliability. It is also called equivalent form reliability. Both forms have similar items and same response format, the only changes being the wording and the order or sequence of the questions. What we try to establish here is the error variability resulting from wording and ordering of the questions. If two such comparable forms are highly correlated, we may be fairly certain that the measures are reasonably reliable, with minimal error variance caused by wording, ordering, or other factors.

Internal Consistency of Measures
Internal consistency of measures is indicative of the homogeneity of the items in the measure that tap the construct. In other words, the items should ‘hang together as a set,’ and be capable of independently measuring the same concept so that the respondents attach the same overall meaning to each of the items. This can be seen by examining if the items and the subsets of items in the measuring instrument are highly correlated. Consistency can be examined through the inter-item consistency reliability and split-half reliability.

(1) Inter-item Consistency reliability: This is a test of consistency of respondents’ answers to all the items in a measure. To the degree that items are independent measures of the same concept, they will be correlated with one another.

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